Tips for Staying Safe While Cleaning and Removing Black Mold

What Should You Wear Before Entering a Home or Apartment with Mold Damage?

Although people often ignore it and think it’s harmless, letting mold issues in your house or apartment can lead to severe health issues. Therefore, you need to protect yourself as much as you can from it.

Naturally, not all mold-related problems are equally dangerous since some are more severe than others, but you should start protecting yourself if you see your mold problem has progressed into a bigger ordeal.

The clothes you wear while entering a house with mold damage can protect you from it. These are the main things you should wear to protect yourself if you are tackling a black mold removal project on your own:

What Should You Wear Before Entering a Home or Apartment with Mold Damage

Eye Protection 

You are good to go as long as you are wearing goggles or any other eye protection equipment while entering a house with mold damage. However, not many people know this since they think mold can’t damage your eyes.

The truth is that being close to mold can make you develop several eye infections. This is not that common and mostly happens when the mold issue you are dealing with is the worst it can be, but it’s best for you to protect yourself as much as you can.

Protective Gloves 

Any person interacting or being close to mold should wear minimum PPE equipment that keeps mold from making you develop any illnesses. That minimum equipment includes protective gloves, and they are one of the essentials for dealing with mold since touching mold directly can even cause asthma.

Even if it’s not your hands, you should never let mold touch your skin, and that emphasizes if you want to clean mold yourself instead of hiring mold removal services. Touching mold can also cause things such as allergic reactions and breathing problems, even if you are not allergic to mold.

Waterproof Boots 

One of the biggest misconceptions about dealing with mold is many think they can start cleaning mold or enter a house with mold damage wearing any issues. Even if you don’t touch mold directly, mold can grow on your shoe’s insole.

When that happens, you are at risk of getting a toenail fungus infection. Waterproof boots are sturdier and more resistant than regular shoes or sneakers, so you don’t need to worry about mold growing on them. People offering mold clean-up services always wear waterproof boots, and you should follow that example to keep any issue from happening.

Long-Sleeved Shirt 

As we mentioned before, it’s detrimental to your health to let mold touch your skin when you are cleaning mold or entering a house with mold damage since even the slightest body contact can make you develop several illnesses. We already addressed how to protect your feet and hands, but what about the rest of your body?

The answer to that question is wearing long-sleeved shirts. They are an excellent mix with long pants since wearing both long-sleeved shirts and long pants keeps mold from getting close to your skin.

Final Thoughts 

Entering a house with mold damage is already something dangerous by itself, so we don’t recommend you do it under any circumstances. Regardless of that, if you do, make sure to wear all the things we mentioned in this article to keep health issues from happening.

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